?Ever onward to victory! Our country or death! I embrace you with all my revolutionary fervor? (Guevara). These words of Ernesto ?Che? Guevara bid farewell to Fidel Castro in a letter written to him after long and turbulent times. The life of Che was one of rebellion, liberation, and revolution in which all of his blood, sweat, and tears went into. He was a man that could identify the problems with society and act on them and he lived his life to correct its ailments. These activities in Cuba and other third world countries have brought Che to be probably more renown than he could ever have imagined in his own time; millions of people look up to him as a symbol of the quest for independence and freedom (Dorfman, 100: Heroes…). However, with fame comes many detrimental consequences that have nearly turned a man of liberty and anti-conformity into a ?pop? icon of fashion and marketing. Ernesto Guevara, a symbol of revolution and liberty, is regarded by many as a hero and a legend for his unique personality, actions, and ideas, but the exploitation of his image in pop-culture and marketing

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