19th Century of Australian History

19th Century of

In the 19th century of Australian history, many historically important events occurred, a couple of these being the Gold Rush of 1850??™s-1900??™s in NSW and Vic, that then attracted people across the globe (bringing many different cultures and races with them), then Eureka Stockade. These two key events in history has changed and affected Australia to the way that it is now – it??™s affected the way our country is, but whether those changes are good or bad, I??™ll leave that up to you to decide.

The Gold Rush:
The first news that gold had been discovered in NSW and VIC, Australia, was announced publicly some time after it had actually been found. There had been reports since 1823 of gold finds in NSW and VIC, but the authorities had not wanted this publicised.
They had tried so hard to keep it secret that they had actually ???rewarded??™ convicts that found gold with 100 lashes of cat-o-nine-tails! What a reward!
The authorities didn??™t know how they would cope if the word got out, it would attract MANY people and it would be chaotic.
But, by 1851, the word was let out and an announcement was made clear on newspaper headlines, billboards, and notices, everywhere! The news spread like wildfire worldwide, causing an amazing buzz of excitement for everyone. The excitement attracted people across the globe, bringing hope of a new life and the hope of becoming rich. Although many where disappointed, over the next forty years or so, this ???wildfire??™ was relit over and over as gold was found in new locations. The Gold Rush and the discovery of gold caused a dramatic effect on the economy and social structure of the colonies. New cultures, races and religions where introduced. Many people from China, America, Canada, Germany, England, Ireland and France immigrated to Australia. The goldfields were typically rough, noisy and unclean and the environment was far from pleasant, with a mixture of racism, resentment, violence, and untrustworthiness.
This is an important event of Australian history, because this is one of the times when Australia accepted and embraced multiculturalism.

Eureka Stockade:
The Eureka Stockade is another very important event of Australian history. It was because this event took place, that in some aspects; Australia is a freer and happier country. It symbolised that injustice could be won over by people determined to fight for their democratic rights as well as for their freedom. This inspires us now by giving us something to look back on and helps us fight enthusiastically forward.
After many failed attempts to change the government of the 1900??™s, the gold diggers had had enough. Unfair, harsh laws that where inequable, as well as having to put up with cruel authorities, made living a lot more difficult. The situation of gold licence hunts was getting really ridiculous and to the point of stupid as diggers where forced to carry their gold licences on them wherever they went. Gold licence huts could be done anytime, anywhere, and punishment from the troopers and authorities was often very harsh.
The miners were really mad. They knew they should be treated fairly and they knew they had rights too. They wanted to change the way the government treated them and the way the country was governed because they knew it was unfair.
After the incident where Jacob Scobie was bashed to death outside the local pub (Eureka Hotel) that wasn??™t properly dealt with, and the person was not fairly punished on the governments behalf, the miners where very, very angry. Two weeks later, 4000 diggers gathered outside the hotel to protest, which their tempers erupted and a riot broke out.
After several meetings, the miners burned their licences to show their rebellion against the government. This then lead to the Eureka Stockade.
The anger and resentment the diggers and the troopers had been holding in was finally let out on December 3rd 1854 in an unexpected attack by the troopers at daybreak, on the miners??™ barricaded stockade where a fierce battle, lasting 20 minutes, was fought. 25 diggers where killed, 30 wounded and 3 troopers where killed. Because juries decided the miners actions where not treason, but self-defence, the result of this battle enabled miners with miners??™ rights, the right to vote.
This is a key event to Australian history because in the long term, is an example of what can be achieved when people, despite their differences, stick together to fight injustice. Today, this event in Australian history is regarded as a symbol of resistance by organisations such as unions.

These events have affected and changed Australia and the way our country is governed by helping us in many ways to make this country fairer, giving us rights and also accepting multiculturalism. The actions of people in the past, like the miners who stood up for their rights, determine our countries??™ future and the way our country is governed now.