Keshia Williams
1984: Purpose of books
The journal, dictionary, and Goldstein??™s book, are books that each have different roles in 1984.
The purpose of Newspeak is used to meet the standards of Ingsoc, English Socialism. In people did not always use newspeak to communicate with one another, neither was it used in writing with the exception of leading articles of Times. The purpose of Newspeak is to not only meet the needs of Ingsoc but to eliminate one from thinking all at once. If one can control language that is spoken then one can control a person??™s thoughts. Adopting Newspeak as the official language of Oceania to forget Oldspeak or standard English. This new vocabulary is constructed to give exact and often subtle, little expression to meanings that the party members wish to show and express. Words from Oldspeak still exist but are only used in statements because to use them towards oneself you feel for yourself began to think and be an individual for yourself and that is not what the inner party wants, they need to be in control of people and this is the purpose of the newspeak dictionary.
Winston??™s journal or diary was a book he brought a while back with no intention of writing in it but now he does. His journal is how he secretly expresses himself and secretly rebel as he hides by moving the very thing that monitors his every motion in away where he is not seen. He is reluctant to write in it because he is aware of the fact that he will be put to death or put away for 25 years if he is to get caught. Although he does know how old is because he does not know the date he still writes. Winston also does not often write with a physical pen. He writes at a fast paste and a sloppy mainly because he is scared and he is not use to writing. Writing about the movie he saw he is focused on how gruesome the war that took place in this movie. People were getting bombed, body parts were severed and there was blood shown in just about every scene of the movie and the audience watching cheered. When a lady went to protest her opinion of how a child should not watch this she was removed by the proles. The purpose of his journal is to feel freedom, to write truth a memory that is real not something that is altered and tampered with to fit the inner parties??™ satisfaction.
The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism or in simple words ,Goldstein??™s book. This book has three chapters one explaining how a person should be and why things are how they are. These chapters are the everyday slogans one lives by. Emanuel Goldstein is the leader of the resistance against Big Brother, and reading his evidence is rumored to reveal the variations in the government. This encourages the 10 minute Hate against him, he remains the enemy of the state because he is a trader though he was once for Big brother before turning on him, an example of what one should not be although Goldstein??™s book was never written by Goldstein because does not exist. The inner party wrote it to manipulate and mess with the minds of the people to have them obey as they control their thoughts and actions with more of a physical false reason of what not to be. In actuality this book is pointless but the people remain oblivious to it. The book explains structure of society in straightforward and honest manner. Under a dictatorial regime, that is the greatest act of thought crime possible.
These are the roles of the Journal, The dictionary, and Goldstein??™s book.Each book serves a purpose whether it is about oppression, made up words to control thought or a way to feel freedom that you could never have.